The Continuous Improvement Thru Lean-Six Sigma (Yellow Belt) course is for individuals who aspire to get acquainted with the basic methodology and tools of LEAN-SIX SIGMA. As a result of this exposure, they will be equipped with a better understanding of their process and how it all relates in general: metrics, continuous improvement, problem solving, and the basic DMAIC (D-Define, M-Measure, A-Analyze, I-Identify, C-Control) phases. With the knowledge gained from this course, the participant will be able to support the activities of their Green Belts and Black Belts. In cases where Six Sigma is on its start-up, the Yellow Belts will be the foundational pool of change-agents from where the Green and Black Belts will come.

Course Objectives:

The learning expectations of the participants are the following:

  • Understand concepts and the simple application of the Basic Lean-Six Sigma methodology: its goal, process improvement tools and techniques.
  • Learn how to develop the different work deliverables in each stage of the DMAIC cycle.
  • Learn how to support and participate in Lean-Six Sigma projects.
  • Learn to add value to the organization by helping define Lean-Six Sigma Projects that create better Profitability, Quality, Productivity, Cost, Efficiency and Customer Delight.


  • High School graduate; College level education is desired
  • Good knowledge of current work process

Certification Requirements:

  • Completion of the Yellow Belt classroom training
  • Successful Completion of the Inter-active Exercises and Case Studies during training

Training Agenda:

Day 1


  • Introduction to Business Processes
  • Processes, Procedures, Policies, Rules
  • Historical Background
  • Quality and Profitability
  • What is Lean-Six Sigma?
  • Lean and Six Sigma Evolution
    • Sigma Evolution
    • DMAIC: Methodology and Benefits
    • Lean Evolution
    • Quick Wins and Kaizen
    • Lean plus Six Sigma


  • Lean-Six Sigma applicability
  • Project Selection process
  • Process Mapping and LEAN Tools
  • Kano Analysis and QFD
  • Project Charter

Day 2


  • 8 Wastes
  • Types of Data
  • Statistics 101
  • Measurement Methods
  • Process Capability – Introduction


  • Qualitative Analysis
    • FMEA
    • Fishbone Diagram–Root Cause Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis
    • Pareto Chart
    • Trend Analysis (Control Charts)


  • Decision Flow
  • Improvement Plan Creation
    • Brainstorming
    • Criteria Based Matrix
    • Mistake Proofing/Poka-Yoke
    • 5S


  • Control Charts / SPC
  • Control Plans

Target Audience

  • QA Professionals & Team Leaders
  • Process Improvement professionals
  • Operational managers & supervisors
  • Department Heads, Managers and Change Agents
  • Engineers
  • Quality Analysts
  • Process Experts
  • People who want to learn the Six Sigma methodology


  • 16 Hours (2 days) of Training-Workshop
  • Manual of courseware materials (printed copy)