The success of an organization depends not only on the individual strength and talent of each member but also on the ability to work well with each other as a cohesive team. People, however, come from THE MENTOR GROUP Professional Training Consultants and Associates different “walks of life” and this basic personal difference makes teamwork in the workplace more difficult to attain. The Team Building Workshop is four-part program designed to present to the participants the concept effectiveness. The first part of the workshop deals with the self-an independent contributor. An individual has to be strong in oneself before he can effectively interface with others. The second part deals with the development the need of Und aspirations, an assessment of effective interpersonal relationships. This part presents an individual understanding to multiply and accepting of his efficiency as his/her strong points and improvement as an organization. own the organizational areas, love for work, among others are given emphasis. The last part involves putting it all together and commitment building.