Positive Affirmation: A Powerful Leadership Tool

One of the challenges leaders often face is keeping their subordinates inspired and motivated. A wrong word, improper tone, or even unclear messaging can lead to bruised feelings and unmet expectations. The leader can rub their followers the wrong way and not be aware about it. The purpose of correcting and teaching, if not done properly can lead to demoralization; thereby resulting in the leader failing to get the expected output from the team.

A powerful tool that is available to our leaders but is often overlooked, is the use of positive affirmation. The “depositing” to the team’s emotional bank account becomes a necessary investment to create a more open and trusting relationship between the leader and his people. This leads to better understanding, better communication and better output.

In our workshops, we create positive affirmation exercises to practice the feedback skills of leaders and subordinates alike. A moment is created when people begin looking at what is good and right with each other before discussing issues and concerns. The result: a team working better, stronger, happier. Indeed, positive affirmation is a tool every leader must learn to skillfully use.

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