Writing Tip: Using There, Their and They’re

One source of writing peculiarities is when to use their, there and they’re in sentences. It doesn’t help that all three words sound the same. Do you say, “Sally placed her report over their” or “Sally placed her report over there”? When referring to people, would you say, “They’re at the church” or “There at the church”?

For a guide on the use of their, there and they’re, refer to the picture and rules below.

  • Their: Use the word “their” in referring to items belonging to or associated with a person of unspecified gender.
    Example: The students will take their exams tomorrow
  • There: Use the word “there” in referring a place or position
    Example: We went to Boracay and stayed there for three days
  • They’re: Use “they’re” as a short form for they are
    Example: They’re going on a trip to Laguna

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