The Art of Listening

Communication plays a big role in our daily activities. We not only send texts and emails, but we engage in calls and talk with our colleagues. Listening is one part of communication that can make a big difference in promoting understanding. 

To emphasize the importance of this skill, the Mentor Group’s Leading Self Program conducted an engaging activity that focused on honing this fundamental communication skill- listening.

The activity focused on situations that become pitfalls for sincere listening. This impacts our relationships and limits our understanding. The facilitator shared a few common barriers that led to ineffective listening, such as distractions, preconceptions or biases, and lack of focus.  

Overall, the activity was highly effective in helping participants understand the importance of listening and practice practical techniques to improve their listening skills. Through this activity, participants were more attentive and engaged in conversations, which they believed could lead to more meaningful relationships and successful communication.

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